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Rye bread.  I like it, but I haven’t found a recipe yet that is the One.  I had a hard time even finding rye flour (for those of you in the area, Makin’ It Natural in Clovis has it).  I think I might need a darker rye flour to get the taste I want.  But I balk at the shipping costs for a bag of flour from anywhere I’ve been able to find.  I also might need to try some pumpernickel recipes.

The New York Deli Rye from Smitten Kitchen is the best recipe I’ve tried yet.  The problem is it takes 8 hours (not actual in-the-kitchen time, mostly rise time) and I just don’t know that I like it THAT much.  I have to plan to start early, and lots of times I decide “Oh, I need to bake bread!” about three hours before supper.

I printed out the recipe for the New York deli rye about a month ago, but only got around to making it yesterday.  Our first frost arrived in the night, and my house was frigid, so the first wait, for the sponge to bubble up, took the full four hours and then some.

It was very tasty, though.  The Dearest Husband and members of my writers’ group gave it good reviews.  Makes a great ham sandwich, too.