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I’m really not sure what to call this bread – light wheat bread?  Wheat bread (but technically bread made with white flour is still wheat bread, assuming the flour is made from wheat)?  Anyway, it has whole wheat in it, but isn’t completely, or even mostly whole wheat.   It’s mostly white flour, about a third whole wheat, and a little wheat germ and wheat bran as well.  After I’ve made it a time or two more and have got all the bugs worked out, I’ll post the recipe.

This loaf is raised entirely by the sourdough starter, with no added store-bought yeast.  It took longer to rise than the breads I make with store-bought yeast, but wasn’t an all-day bread, or anything.  I’d say no more than four hours total rising time, maybe a smidge more?  I should keep track of these things.

The sour isn’t pronounced, which makes me happy.  I want sourdough, but there is definitely such a thing as TOO sour.  And with Nutella?  Delicious.  But how many things aren’t delicious with Nutella?