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I like to experiment in the kitchen.  I like trying new recipes, making up new recipes, and trying new foods.  And I like to think I’m a pretty good cook, so there aren’t as many failures as there used to be (and fewer of those “failures” produce truly inedible food.  There was time in high school when my dad forbid me from experimenting while cooking meals that the family was expected to eat.)

Thing is, the upside of all those failures (let’s see, there were biscuits with no baking powder, a loaf of multigrain bread that most closely resembled a decorative rock for the flower bed, some crunchy rice stuff that wasn’t supposed to be crunchy…) is learning.  In the case of the biscuits, I learned that I need to be fully awake before I start reading recipes.  Multigrain bread requires adjustments in moisture content.  Crunchy rice stuff…I don’t remember what that was about.  At any rate, I wouldn’t be as good at cooking if I hadn’t taken risks and experimented with new things.  At least, that’s what I tell myself when things don’t turn out as I hope, like the Sourdough Corn Muffins.

Unless you’re skydiving, failure can have an upside.  If you’re skydiving, well, you probably better get it right the first time.

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