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Homemade Pizza!

Homemade Pizza!

For me, homemade pizza is always cheaper than delivery or eating at a pizza place, because living out in the country, there is no delivery, and gas money would have to be included in the cost of restaurant pizza.

But I have been curious about how much exactly it costs to make my own pizza, so this week I checked out prices in the grocery store, and have come up with the following.  I intentionally chose prices that were NOT sale prices, but reflect the everyday prices I can find stuff at, because I have come across too many unbelievable blogs about how much cooking at home costs, from people who have access to sales/warehouse clubs/stores that double coupons that I don’t have.

The total on the expensive end of what my actual average pizza costs, though, because I don’t buy yeast in packets, and I try to buy everything else on sale, and quite often am able to.

So for the average single pizza I make at home, I estimate the following:


All Purpose Flour: $ 0.30

Yeast Packet: $ 0.33

Olive Oil: $ 0.45

Salt adds a negligible cost.

Total for Crust: $1.08


Tomato sauce: $ 0.33 (1 – 8 oz. can)

Negligible amounts of italian seasoning and sugar.

Total for sauce: $0.33


Italian Sausage: $1.50

1/2 bell pepper: $0.30

small amt of onion: $0.10

Cheese: $2.19

Mushrooms (4 oz.) : $1.25  (I’m not sure I actually ever use that many mushrooms, but I’m rounding up)

Total for toppings: $ 5.34 (If you use all of the toppings listed.  If you just made cheese pizza – $2.19)

Total for 1 Pizza: $ 6.75 for supreme, $ 3.60 for a cheese pizza

It’s the toppings that really raise the price, obviously.  I think pepperoni might be cheaper than Italian sausage, especially if you buy a larger package and freeze it, only taking out what you need for each pizza.  And cheese is the most expensive single item, so if you find a good deal on cheese, you can really cut the cost of the whole.

Another benefit of homemade pizza that doesn’t show up in a cost analysis is that homemade pizza is generally more healthy than delivery pizza.  If you put a slice of delivery pizza on a napkin, it’s going to leave a big greasy spot.  My homemade pizza doesn’t do that.  You can also choose the low-fat versions of things – turkey sausage instead of pork sausage, etc.  You can go lighter on the cheese if you want to, or make the crust whole wheat.  Whole wheat flour is more expensive than all-purpose, however.