Cassandra Martin has a wonderful devotion related the the shooting in Conneticut. I’ve tried to write something but I’m still too angry and upset for anything useful.

Casandra Martin

Our souls ache. Our hearts have deep bruises. Evil has once again snuck in and left weeping, fear, disillusionment, horror, and questions in its wake. Sorrow explodes. Bewilderment stuns. Grief overwhelms. It is too much.

There is no way to make sense of evil’s logic. It twists in the darkness, leaving us shaking our heads and holding our hearts in our hands. Tracing the deep wound leaves us gasping for breath and wondering how to find grace in the midst of terrible tragedy.

As we absorb and echo the unspeakable pain of those who suddenly face empty chairs at the table, toys lined up waiting for little hands, and Christmas presents that will never be unwrapped, what do we say? How do we wrap our minds around something so horrific, so unthinkable, something filled with so much anguish? My hand over my mouth, I am left groaning, searching for words…

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