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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI tried a new recipe today for sourdough brioche.  Usually when I try a bread recipe for the first time, I like to make only one loaf.  That way, if it bombs, we only have to eat one brick, and brioche is very rich.  If I mess up , it’s better to mess up something that uses half as much butter.

But the recipe gave amounts in grams and didn’t say how many loaves it would make.  I hardly ever bake by weight, so I had a hard time visualizing how many cups 500 grams would be.  I thought it might be a one loaf recipe, maybe a pretty big loaf, but just one.

I was wrong.  It would make two full-size loaves.  I ended up making one full-size loaf (well, one babka, more on that tomorrow) and one medium loaf and one mini loaf.  Since I don’t think we need to eat all that rich bread ourselves (and the babka filled with chocolate, though the smaller loaves are plain), I’ll be sharing the other two loaves with some of our friends from church.  I use my smaller loaf pans quite often to share when I bake.

So the upside of unintentionally making two loaves worth of bread is that it gives me an opportunity to share.

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