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DSCF3645I finally bought a digital kitchen scale.  I’ve wished for one often lately, since many of the delicious-looking recipes I run across online are by weight (ounces or grams) instead of volume (cups, tablespoons, etc.).

All of the recipes in the Bread Baker’s Apprentice are given in both by volume and by weight, but he says that the weight measures are more accurate.  Trust me, with my old scale, weight was NOT more accurate.

I also use a scale when recipes call for “X pounds of potatoes” or “X ounces of pasta”.  It just makes my life easier in general.  You can weigh mail on it in a pinch.

I have also been being more scientific in feeding my sourdough starter.  With a scale I can weigh out equal weights of water and flour so that I know my starter is actually a 100% hydration starter and not just “approximately a 100% hydration starter”.

That helps in that it allows me to more accurately calculate how much water/flour I’m adding to a recipe when I put starter in.  Although, if I forget that you’re adding not only flour but also water, it doesn’t do me any good.

Do you have a kitchen scale?  What do you use it for?