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I learned this at Christmas when I baked cookies with a couple of the girls from church.  It’s super simple (and yet, a total revelation to me) and keeps your measuring cups clean.  I hate washing Crisco out of a measuring cup – it seems like I always have to wash it two or three times to really get it all.  And I have several extra measuring cups.  If you only have one set, it would be even more helpful.

Are you ready for it?

Line your measuring cup with a little piece of plastic wrap.  Scoop in the shortening, level it off, and then just lift the plastic wrap out.  You have a neat, measuring-cup-shaped blob of shortening, and your measuring cup is still good for measuring dry ingredients.  Image

You can measure anything that is sticky and messy this way.  Pumpkin puree, for instance.  (I just made my pumpkin muffins again last night.)

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