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I know this is neither bread nor a meditation, but I found it useful and thought I’d pass it along.  I have for several years wished for more built-in markers in my Bible, and so I was very excited to find a tutorial on adding ribbon markers.

I did not follow the tutorial exactly, though.  I didn’t have five-minute epoxy, so I used the Loctite crafter’s indoor-safe adhesive that I had on hand.  It takes a good bit longer than 5 minutes to set.

I glued all three ribbons to a small piece of card stock, spread glue evenly over the ribbon side of the cardstock, and then inserted the card stock down into the space between the block of pages and the binding (with the ribbon side to the block of pages.  After the glue had a few minutes to set, I removed the cardboard and closed the Bible, and left it for several hours.

It seems to be working well, although it has only been a few days, so I haven’t extensively road-tested the new ribbons.  In fact, the Bible pictured is not the one I usually carry.  I decided to try the technique out on an ASV that I got secondhand recently, just to make sure it worked before I risked messing up my favorite Bible.


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