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This is from Imagethe peasant bread recipe from 52 Loaves.  I used my mixer for the kneading, as usual.  Really nothing to report here, except I wanted to show off the stencil.  When we went to Village Baking Co. in Dallas, there was a multigrain boule in the window with a stenciled sunflower on top.  It looked nice, and I thought “I can do that!”

I used a stencil that came with a cupcake decorating set that was given to me several years ago.  It looks like a moth to me, but maybe it is supposed to be a butterfly?  A moth seems like an odd choice for a cupcake decoration.

Anyway, I placed the stencil after making the slashes, and used a strainer to sift rice flour over the top, then removed the stencil. The rice flour doesn’t brown as much as wheat flour would.

I really like this bread, which is why I keep making it.  The big drawback is the long rise time (my son said “Is this the bread that was rising all day?”), but that is what gives it the good flavor.  It keeps well, too.