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pizza blankThis past weekend my husband had a lot of family in town.  We invited his aunt and uncle and cousins over for lunch and I made pizza.  Lots of pizza.  But I didn’t think of taking any pictures until it was all gone.

There were five pizzas, in the end.  I thought at first that only four adults and one child would be coming, plus our family, so I planned to make three pizzas.  I made a double batch of dough the night before, four pizza crusts.  I used one to make pigs in a blanket for supper, and refrigerated the rest.

Then it turned out that six adults and two kids were coming, plus I would be watching our neighbor’s daughter for the day, and so I decided to make another pizza.  I mixed the dough up Saturday morning, enough for two pizza crusts, thinking I would freeze one of them for later.

Then my sister-in-law showed up, and I started looking at the pizzas, thinking, “These aren’t very big,” and so since I had enough cheese and toppings, I went ahead and made all of the new dough into pizzas, for a total of five.

Good thing, too.  There was only one tiny sliver of pizza left when it was all said and done.

Making at least part of the dough ahead of time helped.  I’d never refrigerated dough like that before.  After some quick internet research, I put each ball of dough into a plastic bag sprayed with cooking spray, and put it in the fridge until time to roll out the crusts.  I thought they might have overproofed in the fridge, but they turned out fine.  It didn’t seem to hurt anything that I didn’t let them come to room temperature before rolling them out and baking them.

The other thing that  helped was chopping all of my toppings and cooking the sausage ahead of time, and having each topping in its own bowl, all ready to go, before I rolled out the dough.  I did all the chopping and cooking while the dough (that wasn’t in the fridge) was rising.

I usually do that, but for a large number of pizzas it really helped.