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20130602_195236Saturday was my birthday (33 for those who wonder) and my kids, with help from Grandma, made me a birthday cake!

Someone gave them a little book called It’s My Birthday by Helen Oxbury.  A little boy is making a cake (because it’s his birthday, duh!) and asks different animals to give him the ingredients.

It’s a very cute book, except for the part where the chickens give him their unborn babies eggs while the other animals get off by giving him milk from the fridge or buying some sugar or cadging salt from picnicking otters.

At the end it has a cake recipe, and ever since she realized a recipe was in the book, my daughter wanted to try making it.  Finally she got her chance.  I even had cherries to put on the top, like in the book.  I did the decorating part.

It was good cake, too.  A little dense, but according to eyewitnesses, there may have been some irregularities in the measuring of baking powder.