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20140605_075422I like recipes with a history, and Bernard Clayton says that this bread was a recipe saved by the families loyal to King George III when they fled to Nova Scotia during the Revolutionary War.  Presumably the recipe underwent some changes over the years, since I’m pretty sure that baking powder and baking soda as we know them were not in use at the time of the revolution.

It’s a very easy recipe, and quite good.  I used whole wheat flour for half of the flour amount, giving it a heartier texture.  It isn’t very sweet, which made it good for breakfast.  I would definitely make it again.

There is a similar recipe here, though Bernard Clayton recommends lining the pans with buttered waxed paper.  I did, and probably would next time, as well, even though it is a little more trouble, because the blueberries burst during baking and baked-on blueberry juice has the potential to cause a lot of sticking.