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20140618_074129This recipe came from the New Complete Book of Breads, by Bernard Clayton.  There’s a similar recipe online here.  I realized I had barley flour I needed to use up someday soon, as well as some rice flour, which the recipe also calls for, and everybody here likes banana bread, so I tried it.

It’s another recipe that requires lining the pan with buttered waxed paper, which had put me off before.  Some days I just don’t feel like fiddling with anything extra.

I realized after I put it in the oven that the recipe didn’t call for any vanilla, and then when I was about to serve it the next morning (he says it is better the second day, and besides, I always make breakfast banana bread the night before) I realized it didn’t call for any cinnamon or other spices, either.  That made me a wonder how it would taste, since my favorite recipe has vanilla, cinnamon, and cloves (as well as shredded coconut).

In the end, I think that if it had all the spices, it might have overwhelmed the delicate flavor of the barley flour, and if you’re going to use barley flour, you might as well taste it, I suppose.  Because there was no wheat flour, the bread was a little crumbly, and a little dry, with a fine texture.

As I have no plans to buy more barley flour, I don’t have any plans to make this bread again.  It is good ( I gobbled three pieces the first time I tried it), but I like my regular recipe better, which uses wheat flour.