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When I first started making English muffins from scratch, it really bugged me that I couldn’t get the big holes that store-bought English muffins have.  Then I just sort of accepted that it wasn’t to be, and forgot about it (I’ve never had any luck getting ANY bread to have an open crumb).  Yesterday, I cut open a nice fresh English muffin to find this: 20140624_071215

Nice, big holes, all over.  I don’t know why this batch of muffins turned out with holes and none of my others did.  I have been using the same Sourdough English Muffin recipe almost exclusively for quite a while now.

I have two guesses: one, I really kneaded the dough instead of just stirring/lightly kneading as I have other times, and two, I let them rise not strictly at room temperature, but in warm spot on top of the stove.

Or, maybe the dough was a little wetter than usual.  Maybe I’ll try to isolate the cause, maybe I’ll be too lazy.  Having accepted that my English muffins would have a tight, even crumb, I’m not as worried about it as I was at first.

I used the English muffins to make the Make-Ahead Muffin Melts from Pioneer Woman Cooks.  I’m not even an egg person, and I liked them.  My husband thought there was too much mustard for a morning food, and so next time I’ll leave out or reduce the mustard.  I am really excited about this recipe, because I am always on the lookout for make-ahead breakfasts for school mornings.  You can do all of the preparation the night before, and in the morning just spread the egg mixture on an English muffin (or toast, or bagels; the bread product of your choice) and broil for a few minutes.

And lest anyone think all my baking turns out great (which it doesn’t, but I’m not usually motivated to take pictures of failure) here is a cake fail:

20140610_140946Of course, “fail” is a relative term.  I wanted it to look nice for a birthday party, and had to bake an entirely new cake to replace it.  On the other hand, the cake itself tasted delicious., and cooking isn’t a total failure if it still tastes good.  It did not go to waste.  I used the devil’s food recipe from the Joy of Cooking.