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I recently decided to put up new bulletin boards at the church building.  The spring bulletin boards were still up in November, and I thought it was about time for a change.  I originally found both of these on Pinterest, but I added my own twists that I thought might be useful to others.


The original snowman board is here.  Our snowman bulletin board doubles as an attendance chart for the children’s class, with the children adding a different feature to the snowmen each time they come to class.  I traced three different sizes of paper plates onto construction paper to make the snowmen, though using the paper plates themselves would have been easier if we’d had enough of each size.  I drew one hat freehand and then traced it onto different colors of construction paper.  The final touch was a cotton ball stapled to the end of the hat for a pom-pom.

To streamline the process of adding pieces to the snowmen each week, I made a plastic baggie for each child containing the buttons (for eyes and buttons), twigs (for arms), and a construction paper carrot (nose).  We use glue dots to attach the pieces, except for the twigs which I thought might work better with strips of regular tape. The kids really enjoy adding to their snowman each week.


The original for the “God’s Love” board is here (second down).  It’s hard to tell, but it seems like the original has names on each of the mugs.  I decided to print a scripture out and put on each mug.  This was the fourth and final bulletin board I did, and my enthusiasm was flagging, but finding the scriptures about God’s love was exciting and made this a really meaningful project for me.

To make the mugs, I found a mug template online that I liked and enlarged it to a good size, then printed it directly on sheets of construction paper to be cut out.  The background is a snowman wrapping paper I found at Dollar Tree.  Wrapping paper is much cheaper than the paper sold specifically for bulletin board backgrounds.  Actually, Dollar Tree is also where I got the letters and the shiny border. These are the scriptures I used:

  • Romans 5:8
  • Psalm 103:11
  • Hebrews 13:5
  • 1 John 3:1a
  • Psalm 86:15
  • John 15:13
  • Isaiah 49:15
  • 1 John 4:9
  • Romans 8:38,39
  • Isaiah 41:13

I really encourage you to look them up even if you aren’t going to do the bulletin board, they’re amazing. Doing all of these bulletin boards, when I’d done a lifetime total of maybe two before, gave me a real appreciation for all of the Bible class teachers and other ladies out there who do new bulletin boards on a regular basis.