20151026_184550I haven’t been blogging much lately.  I’ve been baking less, and just usually making my standby whole wheat bread recipe.

A lot of it gets made into PB & J for the kids’ lunches, when they take them.  Last night we were out of apples, so I told my son that he could take ants on a log instead.  It’s the only way he’ll touch celery.

Then I realized that I was out of raisins.  “Oh no, we’re out of ants!” I said.

“Ants?” my daughter asked, confused, apparently unaware that they were one of my pantry staples.

I did have a handful of dried cranberries, so in that moment ladybugs on a log were invented, and were deemed a suitable substitute by my son.

It’s not much of a twist, but sometimes a little novelty is all it takes to get vegetables into a child.  I’m still amazed that calling broccoli “little trees” makes them palatable to my youngest.